Welding fume extraction made easy: <br> Flexible and space-saving!


Welding fume extraction made easy: <br> Flexible and space-saving!

Customized extraction systems for your needs

Protect people, machines and the environment from hazardous pollutants in industrial processes! With our customized extraction solutions, you can comply with health and safety regulations, reduce energy consumption and operating costs. As an extraction system manufacturer, ABSAUGWERK offers a wide range of industrial extraction solutions, including dry and wet separators, oil mist separators, filter towers and complete extraction systems for halls and cabins. Rely on our expertise to reduce hidden risks and increase the efficiency of your production facility.

Customized extraction systems


Low maintenance & durable


Energy-saving & future-proof

Customized extraction systems

The right system for your industry
and your process.

Expert maintenance & cleaning

Maintaining smooth operation
and clean systems from all manufacturers.

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Why do dust, welding fumes or oil mist need to be extracted effectively?

Did you know? In industrial environments, the extraction of dust, welding fumes and oil mist is crucial: It ensures occupational health and safety, improves product quality, extends machine service life and ensures compliance with regulations.

The ABSAUGWERK Principle

Process analysis

Insufficient capture, low extraction power, incorrect positioning and filter selection impair the efficiency of many extraction systems.

Customized systems

We develop and manufacture tailor-made extraction solutions. This increases safety in your production!

Lower follow-up costs

A customized extraction system reduces long-term operating costs in terms of maintenance, energy and productivity. This makes them a sustainable and economical investment.

Our customers about ABSAUGWERK …

Our customers

More than just standard!

The specific requirements of a company often demand more than standardized systems can offer. Tailor-made extraction systems from ABSAUGWERK, on the other hand, are characterized by greater efficiency by meeting individual requirements more precisely, are ATEX-certified in potentially explosive environments and contribute to long-term cost savings. We create integrated solutions consisting of a pipe system, capture, extraction system and discharge. Our wide range of accessories extends from cyclone pre-separators to extraction arms and special discharge systems, accompanied by a comprehensive service.


Pipe systems

Spiral duct
Flanged spiral duct
Longitudinally seamed tube
Longitudinally seam-seamed tube with shelf



Extraction arms
Extraction hoods
Extraction tables
Machine connection
Individual capturing system


Extraction systems

Wet separator
Fume filter
Oil mist separator
Filter tower



Container (dry)
Sludge container
Automatic discharge


Extraction cabins

Direct extraction at relevant sources


Hall extraction

Effective extraction in large production facilities





360° Service


Assembly & installation
Training courses
Cleaning & maintenance

Made in Neu-Ulm

The »Made in Neu-Ulm« extraction systems are manufactured and tested according to strict quality criteria. Certifications from recognized institutions such as TÜV, DGUV (IFA) or BSFZ guarantee compliance with the highest standards.

ATEX extraction systems

Take extra care when working with flammable and explosive materials (aluminum, stainless steel, flour, etc.). Special ATEX directives apply here for extraction systems.

Maintenance & Service

We take care of the annual maintenance of your extraction system and also service systems from other manufacturers. With our know-how, we offer fast and economical solutions.

5 steps to a sustainable production plant:

Protect your employees and become an attractive employer in the region!

Schritt 1
Schritt 2
Schritt 3
Schritt 4
Schritt 5


Process analysis

In the first step, your work processes are examined, sources of pollutants analyzed and existing extraction systems checked. Your extraction requirements are evaluated on this basis.


Personal on-site appointment

We will then be happy to arrange an appointment for a personal consultation. Our experts will take measurements on site to precisely record your individual requirements.


Individual offer

After analyzing your specific requirements and creating technical drawings, we look for the most cost-effective solution. You will receive a customized offer.



Once the order has been placed, we start production of your extraction system immediately. Our modern technologies and dedicated professionals ensure maximum efficiency and quality to ensure that your extraction system meets the highest standards.



Your extraction system is installed by our own installation team; if necessary, we call in external partners. In this way, we guarantee professional installation and perfect functionality.

Air pollution control
Energy saving
Resource saving

With our innovative and sustainable extraction technology, you contribute to a sustainable industry and a healthy environment.

Who are we?

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Air purifier
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On the road in D-A-CH & Europe
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Partner of XTRACTION

XTRACTION GmbH, part of WERK Holding GmbH, specializes in industrial niche products. These include the WORKMASTER workstation and the energy-saving FlowX filter tower.