Professional extraction systems
for industry

ABSAUGWERK stands for flexible extraction solutions for the manufacturing industry to protect people, machines and the environment. We pride ourselves on making workplaces safer and cleaner with our systems. In this way, we not only actively contribute to the protection of employees, but also increase the service life of machinery and significantly reduce environmental pollution.


Individually for your process

Save energy & heating costs

Hall ventilation systems save up to 70% energy!


Maintenance, training, sales

Occupational safety
Quality of the workpieces
Environmental protection…

  • Our new machine in the production team... called Alen, 30 years young and lives with his girlfriend Natalia and cat Amira in Neu-Ulm. In his free time, he likes to do all kinds of sports: cycling, basketball, football, table tennis and, more recently, after-work darts at Absaugwerk.

    "I didn't really want to change, but the ad on Facebook appealed to me so much that I applied anyway. What finally convinced me was the young, friendly team and the great haircut of production manager Tobi Ott.”

    With Alen having previously worked in pathology, one would think the transition from "the silence of the lambs" to the loud WERKER might have been a challenge, in fact, Alen has integrated into the team so smoothly, that we don't even know, how it was without him.

    "I'm still super happy with my choice. The working atmosphere here is perfect, you can also talk to colleagues about private topics and I really like the after-work beer with darts, even though I'm now "hated" for my dart skills."

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  • Loud and dirty? 🔊😶‍🌫

    When it comes to metalworking in industry, welding, grinding or deburring is often a dirty and noisy process. In order to protect adjacent workplaces and colleagues, extraction cabins are a comfortable and clean solution. The cabins also serve as spatial separation and soundproofing. The resulting dust or smoke can be extracted more efficiently than in a large hall due to the smaller room volume. This saves energy, heating costs and the prescribed workplace limit values for air pollution control are consistently met.

    ✅ Individual configuration

    ✅ Spatial separation

    ✅ Saves energy

    ✅ Saves heating costs

    ✅ Sound insulation + occupational safety + health protection

    All the advantages of our extraction cabins 👉 HERE

  • Lasts longer than Liz Truss’ term ⏰ ⏰

    The highest quality standards, long-time filters and sustainable components maximize the life cycle of our extraction systems. With our "tailor-made" principle, we deliver pinpoint performance and do not waste precious energy or resources.

    🆙 High quality components
    🆙 Individual extraction systems
    🆙 360° service & maintenance
    🆙 Automatic filter cleaning
    🆙 Quality made in Neu-Ulm

    Masters also the next term!
    👉 Extraction systems from ABSAUGWERK

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Our team

personally. reliable. honest.


Our team

personally. reliable. honest.

For you. For us. For tomorrow.

For you. For us. For tomorrow.