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ABSAUGWERK stands for flexible extraction solutions for the manufacturing industry to protect people, machines and the environment. We pride ourselves on making workplaces safer and cleaner with our systems. In this way, we not only actively contribute to the protection of employees, but also increase the service life of machinery and significantly reduce environmental pollution.


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  • Automation in vehicle industry️

    Last week we were allowed to shoot another reference video at the company Martin Reisch GmbH at Eliasbrunn.

    The company manufactures tipper trailers and walking floor vehicles and maps the entire process chain in its own factory. This includes laser machines, sandblasting systems and, more recently, two welding robots from VALK Welding, which can work together on one or separately on several workpieces. In order to efficiently capture the released welding fumes, height-adjustable hoods and two fume filters from our R series were installed on the robots to effectively filter the emissions.

    Find out what challenges we had to solve together with VALK Welding before the installation and why the system is so innovative, in our video! Coming soon!

    👉 More about our smoke filter R series

  • Clean surface finish, maximum economy 💯

    The contract manufacturer SEDA-Innovations GmbH in Ebbs has replaced the manual deburring and surface finishing of sheet metal parts and shaped tubes with an MD5-CVC1350 from Costa. The machine is a modular broadband grinding and deburring system, which was offered by our trading partner "Maringer Spezialwerkzeuge und Schleiftechnik" in a complete package with our Wet Separator Series W 4000.

    Whether manually or mechanically, when metal and sheet metal parts are deburred, dust and shavings are produced that must be safely extracted and filtered to protect employees and the environment. "The investment in the Costa MD5-CVC1350 for mechanical surface treatment and the wet separator W 4000 from Absaugwerk increases the future viability of our sheet metal processing and will pay off in the short term". Josef Scharnagl, Managing Director of SEDA Innovations

    👉 More about the Wet Separator Series W 4000

  • Welcome to our network!

    In addition to high-quality professional tools and compressors, ABS Schweisstechnik GmbH also offers CNC-controlled machines for metalworking. Since harmful fumes are released during welding and dust and chips are released during metalworking, these emissions must be extracted effectively.

    With our flexible extraction systems, the professional from Offenburg rounds off its portfolio and can offer its machine centers as a complete package.

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