Extraction systems

for industry

Customized extraction systems for the industry

Customized extraction solutions and suitable pipe systems for all industrial applications: ABSAUGWERK specializes in the development and manufacture of tailor-made filter systems for effective dust extraction in industrial processes. Our extraction systems are characterized by their high energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. As your partner, we provide you with comprehensive support from the initial survey and pipe planning through to maintenance and after-sales service.

Do you have a specific application or are you unsure which extraction system is best suited to your process? Please contact us for a free initial consultation.

Wet separator

Dust and shavings


Dust, chips, granules, fibers, flakes and lint


Smoke and smoulder


Oil and emulsion mist


Powerful with separate ventilator


Plug & Play welding fume extraction

Hall extraction

Individually configurable for each process

Extraction cabins

Flexible extraction booth

AHU systems

Ventilation, temperature control, pollutant filtering


Captures, pipe systems, cleaning …

Maintenance & service for extraction systems

Increase the efficiency, safety and profitability of your business by regularly cleaning and maintaining your systems!

With our expertise, we maintain extraction systems from all manufacturers and check possible optimizations such as retrofitting, energy consumption and performance for your systems. We replace spare and wear parts directly on site if necessary. This saves you time and money on annual maintenance!

Our services

Customized systems

For every application and every medium: metal, plastic, paper, building materials, recycling, medical technology, food, welding fumes, dust, chips, vapors, aerosols, oil mist and much more.

We plan our extraction systems according to individual process requirements and, thanks to our customized extraction solutions, they are more powerful, more energy-efficient and generally much quieter than off-the-shelf extraction systems.

We also usually develop special solutions more cost-effectively and efficiently than conventional providers.

The ABSAUGWERK principle


Maximum occupational safety

Legally compliant operation

Healthy employees

Clean machines

Good breathing air and indoor air

Optimum operational safety

Environmental protection

With ABSAUGWERK at your side

Extraction systems, wet separators, oil mist separators and deduster from ABSAUGWERK filter dust, welding fumes, oil mist and other particles from the air. Even with flammable and explosive materials, safe extraction is guaranteed by the use of special ATEX components in compliance with legal regulations. Individual configuration provides you with energy-efficient extraction systems of the highest quality that achieve optimum separation results.

What type of dust or particulate matter is present in my production environment? Which filter technology best suits my requirements?

Let’s compare the extraction performance, energy efficiency and noise levels of the systems together. With our comprehensive expertise in extraction technology, we can answer all your questions and find the optimum solution for your process, whether in metalworking, the food industry, mechanical engineering, medical technology or any other field of application.

Non-binding initial consultation

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