ABSAUGWERK reflects the personal values of its employees and combines them with common ideas of teamwork, corporate management and goals. Our WERK culture forms the basis of our success and our



We want to prevent and counteract typical office illnesses and health problems by supporting sports activities, ergonomic workplaces and a healthy food and beverage offer. ABSAUGWERK does not pursue goals that are unreasonably detrimental to our employees, but works towards its own »feel-good philosophy«.


Honest interaction with each other and with external partners is the basis for a trusting cooperation and long-term partnership. We work together to find solutions to problems that arise, allow mistakes and learn from them. Both colleagues and all of ABSAUGWERK benefit from this Supervisors are persons of trust and not controlling institutions.


We identify ourselves with our daily activities, common corporate and personal goals. We see ourselves as mosaic pieces part of a larger whole. Our outstanding working atmosphere makes ABSAUGWERK not only a place to work, but also a place of well-being and its own social fabric, in which every employee has a secure place.

Common goals

Our corporate goals are accessible and transparent for every employee. Regular meetings are part of our daily routine. Here we exchange ideas across departments and work together to remove any obstacles. In order to achieve our goals, we support each other and thus help to achieve common as well as individual successes.


We respect the work performance and individual personalities of our employees and colleagues. No job has a higher status than another, we do not tolerate a hierarchy. Every employee contributes to ABSAUGWERK and makes it more colorful.


In our healthy medium-sized company, our employees bear great responsibility in their field and fill different roles at the same time. Only with a high dose of mutual trust do we work effectively and without barriers. We value the trust of our external partners highly and do not use this to our personal advantage.


Every ABSAUGWERK employee is an absolute professional in his or her field. This enables us to guarantee our customers the highest quality in our systems and services. We have great respect for the final products of our customers and contribute with our equipment to your perfect workpiece.


ABSAUGWERK offers every employee a stable, secure working environment and healthy personal and corporate growth. We are very committed to retaining and motivating our employees for the long term, they are at the heart of ABSAUGWERK.


Ein Wort ein WERK! We have earned the trust of our partners through great commitment and fairness. We live this work ethic among colleagues, suppliers, customers and other partners. Only in this way can a trusting and long-lasting cooperation exist.


We have no fear of commitment! We maintain our partnerships continuously and on a personal level, we sell and buy from people. Mutual respect and trust in our network are indispensable for us.

»Every employee contributes to ABSAUGWERK
and makes it more colorful.«