Hall extraction

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A hall extraction system or hall ventilation system is used for automatic air circulation, heat regulation and filtering of welding fumes, fine dust or oil mist from the hall air. This can be done via a central hall extraction system with a permanently installed pipe system or mobile filter towers.

The contaminated exhaust air is drawn in and welding fumes, dust and other emissions are efficiently filtered through several filter stages. Innovative heat recovery can preserve up to 70% of the thermal energy and drastically reduce energy costs. In order to provide our customers with an economical and energy-efficient hall ventilation system, we take numerous parameters into account and plan our solutions individually for the respective application, including the pipe system and installation.


  • Central ventilation control and high air quality
  • Extraction of several workplaces at constant extraction power
  • Most effective protection against industrial emissions without interrupting work
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Draft-free and low-noise airflow
  • Automatic Jet-Pulse cleaning
  • Individual unit color and branding
  • High-quality products »Made in Germany«

Added value

  • Low operating costs
  • Heating cost savings of up to 70 %
  • Flexibility for future hall use
  • Increase productivity and health
  • Compliance with occupational health and safety regulations

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Techniques hall extraction

As a manufacturer of extraction systems and hall extraction, we supply holistic systems from a single source. This includes: Capture, piping system, exhaust system and other equipment. Integrate point detections such as extraction tables, extraction hoods or extraction arms. Optionally, we also offer cross heat exchangers, continuous mixing of fresh air and individual solutions for your application.


In push-pull mixed ventilation, the purified air is introduced through jet nozzles of the supply air pipe on the hall ceiling and drawn in on the opposite side through exhaust nozzles of the exhaust air pipe and filtered in an exhaust system. Mixing of the hall air occurs mainly in the upper third of the hall, where the warm air containing pollutants collects.

Push-Pull Plus:

In Push-Pull Plus systems, additional air source emitters on the floor support the intrinsic thermal properties of the welding fumes. The contaminated air rises more quickly and is captured at the hall ceiling, passed through an exhaust system via a pipe system and filtered.

Layered Ventilation:

In the principle of layered ventilation, the cleaned air is supplied via displacement outlets close to the floor. The fresh air mixes again with pollutants, heats up and rises upwards due to its thermal properties, where it is extracted via the exhaust air pipe on the hall ceiling and cleaned in an extraction system.

The principle of layered ventilation is also recommended by the IFA (Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance). For more information, visit www.DGUV.de/ifa

Inverse Layer Ventilation:

The inverse layer ventilation works laterally reversed in contrast to the layer ventilation. The purified air is blown towards the floor via jet nozzles of the fresh air duct on the hall ceiling. There, the clean air mixes with the polluted air and is collected again near the floor via extraction columns or extraction hoods and filtered in an extraction system.

Industry sectors

Mechanical Engineering
Welding companies


Welding, grinding, polishing,
Deburring, milling, sawing,
Flame cutting, stitching etc.


Dust/Fine dust
Fume/Welding fume
Oil mist/emulsion mist
Paint mist

Save energy and heating costs!

Constant air quality and constant air circulation significantly improves the hall air and can save up to 70% on heating costs.

Individual hall extraction for every application

We configure an optimal hall extraction system for you and are your reliable partner not only until commissioning, but also in maintenance and service issues: Quality directly from the manufacturer.


Filter towers for hall extraction

Filter towers can provide a quick remedy for welding fumes, oil mist and fine dust in production halls. The extraction units are placed in the hall without a fixed pipe system and require only 1.25 m² of floor space. At the same time, the filter tower provides automatic heat regulation in the production hall and can save up to 70% in heating costs. By using a HEPA H14 filter, the filter tower also serves as a hall air purifier and efficiently filters minute particles such as viruses, spores and pollen from the room air.

Our filter tower was developed according to the Plug & Play principle and is ready for use within a few minutes: Storm + compressed air = off you go!


Welding fume extraction
Hall extraction
Air cleaner

Planning, assembly and installation
of your hall extraction

We personally accompany you in every phase of the completion of your hall extraction. From the first consultation to planning, installation, commissioning and after-sales service!

References hall extraction

Every application is unique. When technically designing a hall exhaust system, we therefore pay attention to numerous parameters in order to guarantee you the most economical solution.

Environmental protection & sustainability

We develop economical and energy-saving extraction systems using state-of-the-art technology. for a green industry of today and tomorrow.

Heating cost savings
up to 70%

Less energy costs
per year

Low maintenance

Low cleaning costs
for tools, machines and hall

Minimized pollution

Future-proof and
innovative technology

Flexible use & redesign
of production

Durable permanent filters

Get 20 % funding
for ventilation systems and hall extraction!

Eligible for funding are central, decentralized or room-by-room ventilation systems with heat recovery, demand-controlled exhaust air systems and compact systems with air/air heat exchangers and exhaust air heat pumps. BAFA subsidizes energy-efficient ventilation systems in industry with a subsidy of 20 %. We will be happy to assist you in applying for the funding.

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