Sustainable extraction systems made in Neu-Ulm!

As a manufacturer of extraction systems, we are responsible for the quality of our products and services. We are proud to improve the working conditions for employees and to protect the environment sustainably with our products.


Design, quality and functionality play closely together to ensure an efficient, long-lasting investment.


Our experience enables us to find the right extraction system and to think outside the box.


We configure extraction systems specifically for your application. This makes our solutions real. better.


If there’s a problem, we’re there. We offer premium quality and competent service directly from the factory.

Our goal

We ensure quality through …

  • Consistent design planning in unit construction
  • Careful selection of components
  • High quality measurement technology
  • Inspection of incoming and outgoing goods
  • Precise final testing across all electrical and mechanical functions
  • Own service and assembly teams
  • Equipment acceptance on site incl. aerodynamic and electrical measurements
  • Continuous improvement processes
  • Evaluation and analysis of error messages
  • Close cooperation with testing laboratories
  • Offer regular maintenance of exhaust systems
  • Training, education

All departments work together to meet the quality standard.

Our Know-How

Each of our employees …

is a professional in his field and sees himself as part of the whole. The high quality of the individual services is reflected in our efficient, durable and robust extraction systems. In our in-house development department, we work closely with our customers to create individual extraction systems tailored to the specific application. From the capture to the flow technology to the control programming (SIEMENS LOGO!) and the suitable discharge system, everything comes from one source.

Through continuous training and optimization of the equipment, we use the latest technologies and thus always advance in the market. We have great respect for our customers’ end products and may contribute to your perfect workpiece with our equipment.


Where the standard ends, we begin …

The flexibility of our systems enables us to configure extraction systems far from the average for almost any application, thus ensuring a positive energy balance. In contrast to standard systems, ABSAUGWERK extraction systems only consume the amount of energy, air and water that is actually needed.

The continuous development of our products and services forms the basis of our corporate orientation, which, like our values, is reflected in the entire WERK. Due to the flexibility of our unit components, we can find the best technical solution for almost any application.

Awarded with the BSFZ seal

The BSFZ seal is awarded by the Federal Ministry for Research and Development to companies that produce new innovations through their own research and development. Due to our in-house development competence and our efforts to design energy-saving and sustainable extraction systems, we are allowed to adorn ourselves with the BSFZ seal and are supported by the state.

Energy and environment

Safer, healthier, better.

We achieve maximum efficiency through resource-conserving handling, intelligent controls and products that reduce water and energy consumption.


Bet you fall in love in less than 11 minutes!

We offer our partners versatile sales and marketing support, individual unit design and direct contact persons.

But our real strength is our WERKERS. We live our values, nurture our partnerships on a personal level and like to pop the corks from time to time. We master challenges faster and more effectively thanks to our flexibility and short decision-making paths. real. better.

Production, assembly, service – directly from the manufacturer!

All our extraction units and systems are handmade, from the idea to the delivery of the finished product. Yes, that’s where we are peculiar! With the exception of raw material purchasing, everything takes place at our site in Neu-Ulm. To ensure the quality of our extraction solutions even after commissioning, we also offer our customers installation, maintenance and comprehensive service.


Development and production work closely together at our company to achieve the best possible result. The individual components are carefully selected and each system leaves our WERK only after a rigorous testing procedure. If errors do occur, we work to correct them immediately and prevent them in the long term.


We install extraction systems with our own installation team and call in external partners if necessary. This is the only way we can guarantee professional assembly and flawless functionality.


To meet our own standards, we operate the complete service chain ourselves. We support you from the initial consultation to planning, installation, commissioning and comprehensive after-sales service!

Did you know that we also service third-party equipment?