Explosion protection for extraction systems

How can explosive dusts be extracted safely?

Industrial processes release not only visible but also invisible dusts which, together with oxygen, can form an explosive dust-air mixture. To trigger an explosion, all that is needed is an ignition source, for example a spark, which can be caused by electrical components or friction. To prevent fires and explosions in extraction systems, they must be planned and built in accordance with special explosion protection guidelines (ATEX). The technical concept includes not only the extraction system itself, but also external components such as capture elements and the pipe system.

Ignition sources for explosive dusts

  • Discharge of static electricity
  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Hot surfaces
  • Grinding/friction sparks

ATEX compliant explosion protection

In connection with explosion protection, the term »ATEX« is often used, which stands for the abbreviation of the French term for explosive atmospheres »ATmosphères EXplosibles«.