Extraction cabins

Extraction cabins against welding fumes and dust

Which extraction system and which cabin design is optimal for your application depends on numerous factors that we take into account during planning. Only in this way can we offer you a future-proof complete system that is sustainable and economical in operation. Thanks to our know-how, we also modernize existing extraction cabins or overhaul already integrated extraction systems.


  • Individually configurable extraction cabins
  • Can be combined with all extraction systems
  • Optimal dust and welding fume extraction
  • Targeted and energy-saving extraction
  • Effective sound insulation
  • Targeted temperature control
  • High-quality extraction systems »Made in Germany«
  • 360° service: consulting, installation, pipe planning, after-sales

Added value

  • Heating cost savings through heat recovery
  • Effective health protection
  • Constant compliance with workplace limits
  • No pollution of the environment
  • Better working climate
  • Flexibility for future hall use
  • Increased productivity, health and employee satisfaction

When is an extraction cabin needed?

During welding, grinding or milling, welding fumes and dust are released, which according to Occupational safety and health must be extracted and filtered. When machining large workpieces and changing working positions, spatial extraction is more effective than point extraction.

A cabin extraction system is suitable for:

  • Processes with high dust/smoke generation
  • High noise levels
  • Large workpieces
  • Changing working positions
  • Demarcation of different work areas

Technical design

The differences in the nature of production halls and the operations and processes that take place there require an on-site inspection and careful planning. Depending on the number of workplaces and the daily working hours, emissions such as smoke, dust or oil mist develop in varying quantities. If these released media are respirable, carcinogenic or explosive, special filters must be used. As a professional manufacturer of holistic extraction systems, we take all relevant parameters into account:

  • Area, room volume and ceiling height
  • Production setup
  • Process (welding, grinding, sawing, deburring, etc.)
  • Material type and quantity (carcinogenic, respirable, explosive)
  • Emission development and particle size (strong, medium, weak)
  • Simultaneity of extraction
  • Working hours and shift operation
  • Temperature development & desired temperature
  • Recirculation/exhaust air operation
  • Pipe system progression
  • Cleaning intervals and times of the filters
  • Capture elements
  • Discharge systems
  • Installation location and space requirements
  • Air flow course
  • Accesses (gate, door, lamella curtain)

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What are the advantages of an extraction cabin?

The extraction of welding fumes or dust can be carried out much more efficiently and energy-saving in a cabin than spot extraction, as significantly less air has to be circulated and filtered. Furthermore, cross-flows through windows, doors, gates and traffic in the shop are significantly reduced and legal workplace limits are achieved more easily and cost-effectively.

Some processes also generate high temperatures; these can be constantly reduced or individual temperatures can be kept stable.

  • Energy-saving extraction of small room volumes
  • Targeted and effective collection of dust and welding fumes
  • Applicable workplace limits can be achieved more easily and at lower cost than in larger rooms
  • No cross currents as in open halls
  • Can be flexibly integrated into the room
  • No contamination of adjacent rooms, machines, floors, surfaces or hall ceiling
  • Low cleaning effort

Is an extraction cabin subsidized?

A cabin extraction can be funded by BAFA as part of the promotion of energy efficiency and process heat from renewable energies in industry (EEW) . We already accompany you during the application process together with our partners from energy consulting.

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Ventilation techniques for extraction cabins

Post flow open:

  • One-sided detection
  • Supply air through separating curtain
  • No air recirculation

Post flow targeted:

  • One-sided detection
  • Supply air through air inlets
  • No air recirculation

Post flow mixed:

  • One-sided detection
  • Supply air through separating curtain and displacement outlets or jet nozzles
  • Air recirculation into the cabin

Post flow closed:

  • One-sided detection
  • Supply air through displacement outlets or jet nozzles
  • Air recirculation into the cabin

Welding, grinding, deburring, milling, flexing, lasering


Extraction table, extraction arm, extraction hood, extraction column, individual extraction systems


Work cabin
Soundproof cabin
Machine enclosure

Options for extraction cabins

Explosion protection for extraction cabins

Explosion protection for extraction cabins Industrial processes such as grinding or deburring release not only visible but also invisible fine dusts that can trigger dangerous fires and explosions. Explosive dusts include organic substances such as flour, coffee or cellulose, as well as aluminum or magnesium. In order to prevent an explosion, electrical components and other parts must be installed in the work cabin in compliance with ATEX.

Customized extraction systems by ABSAUGWERK


Assembly and installation
of your extraction cabin

We personally accompany you in every phase of the completion of your extraction cabin incl. piping and extraction system. From the first consultation to planning, installation, commissioning and after-sales service!

Environmental protection & sustainability

We develop economical and energy-saving extraction systems and state-of-the-art extraction booths. For a climate-friendly industry of today and tomorrow.

Heating cost savings
up to 70%

Less energy costs
per year


Low cleaning costs
for tools, machines and hall


Future-proof and
innovative technology

Flexible use & redesign
of production

temperature level

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Every application is unique. Therefore, we pay attention to numerous parameters during the technical design in order to guarantee you the most economical solution.

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