The factory

Our product portfolio ranges from industrial dedusters, fume filters, oil mist separators and wet separators to complete hall extraction systems. We tailor the flexible components of our systems specifically to the requirements of our customers and thus deliver optimal solutions, for almost any process and any material.

»ABSAUGWERK is a leader in air purification and specializes in the filtration of pollutants. Our goal is a clean and healthy working environment through high-quality, customized solutions. With over 200 years of experience in extraction technology, we combine tradition with innovation. The progressive spirit of a young company forms the basis for a sustainable and trusting partnership.«

People at
the center

People as customers, partners or employees are always at the center of our attention. The care of our NetzWERK is a personal concern for us and the basis for a trusting and long-term partnership. The appreciation from our partners is the greatest praise for us and confirms us in our daily work.

The WERK – Absaugwerk from Neu-Ulm

For you. For us. For tomorrow.

We develop economical and energy-saving extraction systems using state-of-the-art technology. The customized systems conserve resources and use only the amount of energy, air and water needed – for a green industry of today and tomorrow.

To ensure the quality of our high-end systems, we manufacture our equipment in our own WERK and handle the entire service chain from initial consultation and planning to installation and after-sales services such as maintenance or filter changes.