During the machining of workpieces, a wide variety of media such as dusts, fumes, chips or emulsions are released, depending on the material and tool used. Our extraction systems can be configured individually, specifically for your area of application, and adapt optimally to every process.


When welding metal parts in industry, harmful emissions such as smoke and fumes are released. To protect employees and comply with legal regulations, these substances must be safely extracted and filtered.

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Grinding and polishing

Grinding metals or plastics produces fine dusts (so-called A-dusts), which penetrate into the pulmonary alveoli, are highly harmful to health and can even be carcinogenic (e.g. stainless steel, chromium, nickel). Explosive media such as flour, magnesium or aluminum also require a special extraction system with explosion protection or fire protection devices.

Sawing, cutting, separating

Depending on the type of processing, chips or dusts are produced during sawing, cutting and separating. Fine dusts (so-called A-dusts) can penetrate into the lungs and must therefore be safely extracted to protect employees. We put together our extraction systems individually for your application. We offer special designs for processing explosive, flammable or carcinogenic substances.

Turning and milling

During work processes such as turning, milling, deburring, drilling or filing workpieces, excess material, e.g. metal or plastic, is released in the form of chips and dust. To protect machinery and workers from these contaminants and hazardous substances, they must be reliably collected, extracted and separated. Required coolants and lubricants also form aerosols and mists. Special filter media are required for these to ensure efficient extraction.


The latest technologies such as laser techniques for marking plastics, cutting, welding or joining increase precision and productivity. These processes simultaneously release harmful vapors that are often in the submicroscopic range and must be safely captured, extracted and separated to protect people and machines.

On the safe side

Certain regulations apply when processing flammable or explosive media. Find out more here:

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