Fume filters bind harmful smoke in high-quality cartridge filters and ensure a healthy working environment. In this way, applicable occupational exposure limits can be permanently complied with. For optimal welding fume extraction, we offer various capture elements such as extraction hoods, extraction arms or complete extraction cabins.

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Fume filter and welding fume filter for smoke, dust and fumes

Fume filter and welding fume filter for fume and dust

During welding, robotic welding, laser cutting, cutting, soldering and other metalworking processes, smoke and smoulder are released that must be reliably extracted to protect people and machines. When welding stainless steel, the chromium and nickel content produces carcinogenic emissions, which are bound via the additional W3 design or the certified HEPA H14 filter. The cleaned air can then be fed back into the hall (recirculation mode) or outdoors.

As a manufacturer of fume filters, we develop our extraction systems ourselves and can therefore also economically produce special extraction solutions for special applications. The flexible components allow us to supply customized extraction systems for almost any process that are energy-saving and cost-effective to operate.


  • High extraction power with low energy consumption

  • Cleanable durable filter components

  • Flexible use due to numerous options

  • Recirculation and exhaust air mode





Fume filter function

Fume filters of the R series are individually configurable with their different sizes and various designs and can thus be precisely tailored to the respective process. In the design of the extraction systems, emphasis is placed on high-quality components and optimum performance in order to keep energy and operating costs to a minimum and to protect the environment.

Fig. : Fume filter with various options and precoat unit

Unit components fume filter

  • Cartridge filter (diff. performances)
  • Automatic Jet-Pulse cleaning


  • Extraction arm
  • Extraction table
  • Extraction hood
  • Machine connection
  • Pipe system
  • Individual capturing system


  • Motor power: 1.1–45 kW
  • Fan capacity: 2,400–40,000 m³/h
  • Operating time: 24 hours per day
  • Drawer
  • Container
  • Bucket
  • Container
  • Automatic discharge (e.g. cellular wheel sluice)
  • Individual discharge system
Structure of the deduster

Options & variations

Explosion protection at

In the right mixing ratio with oxygen and an effective ignition source, flammable and explosive media in the form of gas, vapor, mist or dust can cause serious fires and violent explosions. This can injure people, destroy buildings and plant components, and ignite other flammable substances.

For this reason, so-called ATEX directives (ATmosphères EXplosibles) apply to industrial extraction systems.

  • Air speed in the pipe min. > > 20 m/s
  • Negative pressure and volume flow monitoring
  • Motor according to ATEX Zone 2
  • Construction free of ignition sources and conductive
  • No ex-zones during operation
  • All electrical components installed ATEX-compliant
  • Electrical cabinet outside the system

Environmental protection & sustainability

We develop economical and energy-saving extraction systems using state-of-the-art technology. for a green industry of today and tomorrow.

High-quality processing
for a long service life

Less energy costs
per year

High volume
HEPA H14 Filter

Summer/winter switchover
through intelligent control

Reduced heating costs
due to cross heat exchanger


No expensive

Automatic regulation
of the air output

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