MAINTENANCE of extraction systems

Our many years of experience and an effectively structured service organization guarantee short response times and rapid troubleshooting.

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System failures cannot be planned and can cause high downtime costs as well as endanger the safety of your employees. To maintain the efficiency of your extraction systems, we offer you a starter maintenance package. In this way, any defects can be detected in good time and consequential costs can be avoided.


Regulations for the maintenance of extraction systems



  • Basic condition analysis: visual inspection
  • Functional test
  • Measurement of volume flow
  • Negative pressure
  • Velocity
  • Test protocol
  • Exchange of wear and spear parts for a

Remote maintenance

Relevant parameters such as machine condition, filter saturation, maintenance intervals, operating hours, sensors and many other indicators are monitored in real time via remote maintenance systems and an automatic alarm message is sent if necessary. In this way, malfunctions can be remedied at an early stage and consequential damage and machine downtime can be avoided.

Real-time data analysis.
Recognize malfunctions.
Avoid machine failures.


  • Worldwide availability and support from our service technicians
  • Fast response times and data analysis in real time
  • Early warning system reduces malfunctions and machine failures
  • Saving of internal and ecological resources
  • Extensive visualization also for tablets and smartphones
  • Integrated firewall and secure access
  • Can also be retrofitted for ABSAUGWERK systems already in operation

Monitoring & alerting

Thanks to the extensive monitoring and alarm functions, our service technicians remain connected to every extraction system, despite the fact that the machines are used all over the world. They are available worldwide and can provide support quickly.

The data is securely encrypted via VPN, clearly visualized and can also be accessed on mobile devices. The flexible user and client management makes the administration of projects and responsible service staff an effective and resource-saving solution for your process.


Integrated 3-port/4-port LAN switch
WAN, 3G/4G or Wi-Fi
Secure OpenVPN remote access

Remote maintenance

  • Diagnosis, configuration and programming via web
  • Worldwide availability and fast support from experts
  • Secure VPN encryption

Monitoring & alerting

  • Monitoring of limit values and errors
  • Alerting of responsible service staff
  • Automatic sending of alert SMS
  • Calendar function


  • Project and task management
  • Flexible user and client management


  • Clear and functional dashboard
  • Display of live and log data
  • Suitable for PC, smartphone and tablet


  • Complete logging and data reporting
  • Configuration and Analysis
  • Planning and maintenance


  • Secure data transmission via OpenVPN
  • Separate VPN tunnels
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Qualität made in Germany

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