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Grammer AG is one of the world’s leading suppliers of seating solutions for commercial vehicles and interior solutions for the automotive industry. The original saddlery was founded back in 1880 and has grown to become a global company with 14,000 employees in 19 countries.



Grinding and polishing work is to be carried out in two work cabins in 3-shift operation. On a total of four polishing blocks, the glass panels are finally processed for a German automobile manufacturer. During polishing, a dust mixture of fluff, polishing paste and glass is released, which must be extracted with the aid of a deduster and filtered out of the cabin air. Since glass fine dusts are carcinogenic, special filter material had to be used to protect the workforce from the respirable particles and to comply with applicable occupational health and safety regulations.


A Series 4000 deduster with a capacity of 3,700 m³/h captures the dust via three extraction hoods in each of the two work cabins and effectively filters the emissions out of the production air. The contaminated air is fed into the extraction system via a pipe system and first passes through a pre-separator, where a large proportion of the coarse particles are already separated. The process air is then finally cleaned via two further filter stages:

Filter stage 1

Filter stage 2
48 pieces antistatic bag filters

Filter stage 3
4 pieces HEPA H14 filter

Since glass dusts are very fine and carcinogenic, Grammer also used four HEPA H14 filters for the carcinogenic fine dusts. The cleaned air is then fed back into the hall in energy-saving recirculation mode.


Long life filters
Only high-quality permanent filters are installed in our extraction systems to minimize filter wear. Further measures for filter protection are the application of a precoating agent to the filter and automatic Jet-Pulse filter cleaning. By using a pre-separator, sparks are rendered harmless, the filters are protected and the high-quality filter fleece is not damaged by coarse particles or chips.


Fire protection for deduster
Safe operation of our deduster is our top priority. Smoldering embers, fires and explosions can seriously injure employees and severely damage machinery. Our radio sensor system with powder extinguishing system meets the highest technical standards according to DIN 14497 / EN 13478 and DIN EN 12416-2 / EN ISO 19353. The spark detector in the filter unit registers incoming sparks and automatically shuts down the extraction system to inhibit the air supply. The powder extinguishing bottle triggers via a solenoid valve and flows into the filter chamber.

Extraction cabins with deduster from Absaugwerk
  • 2x extraction cabin
  • Deduster S 4000 series
  • ATEX execution
  • Power: 7.5 kW
  • Max. air volume: 8,500 m³/h
  • Operating point 3,700 m³/h
  • Fire protection with powder extinguishing system
  • HEPA H14 Filter
  • Cyclone pre-separator
  • Precoat-Unit
  • Discharge: 2x bucket discharge each 15 l
  • Consulting

  • Technical design

  • Planning of pipe system

  • Production

  • Assembly and piping

  • Commissioning

  • 2 working cabins with an exhaust system
  • Very long filter service life due to filter protection and cleaning
  • Low resistance in unit and piping system
  • Highest efficiency with low energy costs
  • Energy-saving recirculation mode
  • Low operating costs
  • Quiet due to innovative sound insulation concept
  • Complete package directly from the manufacturer
  • Individually configured extraction cabins and extraction system
  • Service chain from one source

ABSAUGWERK stands for high-quality extraction solutions for the manufacturing industry to protect people, machines and the environment. We are proud to make workplaces safer and cleaner with our systems. In this way, we not only actively contribute to the protection of employees, but also increase the service life of machinery and significantly reduce environmental pollution.


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