We lost! 💪

06. March 2023

At this year’s 28-day challenge, 9 WERKER were again at the start and for a month they fed themselves strictly according to an individual recipe plan and completely avoided sugar and alcohol.

We are now doing the metabolic cure for the third year in a row and the costs are completely covered by ABSAUGWERK. The success speaks for itself: We have been able to continuously reduce our body fat, weight and metabolic age over the years and have lost a total of 45.8 kg this year!

The program is accompanied by nutrition coach Andrea Huss from Langenau (Formsache Huss) and consists of three measurements, vegan protein shakes and intestinal probiotics.

The aim of the challenge is to get the metabolism going at full speed and, above all, to burn the harmful belly fat through a high-protein diet. Since the body is always optimally supplied with proteins, the typical yo-yo effect does not occur.

Our success 2023 🥇
▪️ 45.8 kg
▪️ 29.2 % body fat
▪️ 51 years metabolic age

We are proud of our WERKER:
Sina Leger, Anja Werz, Michael Werz, Sebastian Moll, Caro, Dennis, Martin Prokisch, Tamara and Sabrina Mändle! Above all, not having a small reward drink at the weekend is real for 28 days. strong.

PS: Since today is healthy eating day, how about pasta made from protein-rich legumes instead of white flour? 😉