Reinforcement in the WERK 💪

12. May 2023

As an intern, Joel not only spent a week looking at the individual departments, but also really lent a hand. From production to design to marketing, he was able to get an idea of where his professional journey might take him in the future.

Our authorized signatory Anny also talked about the secrets of self-employment, discussed the importance of values with Joel, and told us what motivated the founding of ABSAUGWERK 2019.

And what Joel has to tell?


I’m Joel, I’m 15 years old and I got to do my internship for school at ABSAUGWERK for a whole week!

On the first day I was allowed to take a look at marketing! I learned how important the external image is in a company in order to authentically address potential customers or new workers and to convince them of its worth.

On the second day, I was in sales and got a general overview of what exactly you do in sales. I also learned how to write order confirmations.

On the third day I visited the construction! There I learned to draw technically and to print something in the 3D printer. I then created documentation for a customer.

On Thursday I was working in production! First, I learned how an extraction system is constructed in the first place and what they are used for. I then bolted two cylinders and four bucket holders, compacted the joints in the exhaust systems and cut the filter flow.

In general, I really liked the working atmosphere and the way the “workers” treated each other! I would definitely come here again 😉