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Challenges in the food industry

During the production of foodstuffs such as tobacco, tea or coffee beans, coarse and fine dusts are produced, which not only settle on all surfaces but also spread through the air and can lead to cross-contamination and allergies. According to Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004 of the European Parliament, general and specific hygiene regulations must therefore be observed in the production of foodstuffs. For explosive and combustible dusts, as in the case of flour or herbs, we offer special ATEX and fire protection designs.

  • Transport of raw and basic materials
  • Manual or mechanical working processes:
    grinding, shaping, mixing, kneading, dusting
  • Filling, decanting, mixing
  • Cleaning, packaging
  • Flammable and explosive dusts e.g. flour dust or spices
  • Plastic granules
  • Sand and dusts
  • Powder substances
  • Other bulk materials and free-flowing substances
  • Cereals, flour, starch
  • Dairy products
  • Coffee, tea and tobacco
  • Sugar, confectionery and cereals
  • Seeds, herbs and spices
  • Soups

Why extraction?

Effective extraction in food production protects employees, machines and products from contamination by fine and coarse dust and ensures the quality of your products.

Requirements for extraction systems:

  • Extraction of coarse dust from the machines
  • Extraction and filtration of fine dust and aerosols
  • Stainless steel parts for direct contact with food
  • ATEX execution
  • Certified, high-quality filter media
  • Pre-separator

The right extraction solution from ABSAUGWERK


Your advantages

ABSAUGWERK’s flexible extraction solutions can easily adapt to the complex production processes and the high degree of automation in the food industry. Even special requirements such as process-integrated inline systems, special hygiene regulations or continuous operation can be met by the customized solutions.


Hygiene deficiencies can result in expensive recalls, fines and reputational damage. Combustible dusts must be safely filtered to protect employees and prevent fires or explosions.


Durable unit components and individually configured extraction systems keep operating and follow-up costs to a minimum.


Energetic components and the intelligent control system enable automatic power regulation and recirculated air or exhaust air operation. At the same time, heat recovery saves energy and heating costs.


Via remote maintenance we support you worldwide, accompany you from consulting to installation and offer a comprehensive after-sales service.

Individual extraction systems

We configure our systems optimally to the processes of our customers and can thus guarantee maximum extraction performance with minimum energy consumption.

Cyclone pre-separator

Pre-separator are used with large quantities of material to protect the main filters. In the case of explosive media, they serve as spark traps to prevent fires and explosions.


For effective extraction of industrial emissions, the right capture element, such as an extraction arm or extraction hood, is crucial.


Captured media can be extracted directly via a pipe system or alternatively disposed of via a discharge system such as a bucket, drawer or (sludge) container.

Structure of the deduster

Units also available completely in stainless steel design

Explosion protection for extraction cabins

Explosion protection for extraction cabins Industrial processes such as grinding or deburring release not only visible but also invisible fine dusts that can trigger dangerous fires and explosions. Explosive dusts include organic substances such as flour, coffee or cellulose, as well as aluminum or magnesium. To prevent an explosion, electrical components and other parts must be installed in compliance with ATEX.

Do you have any question?

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