🧗‍♂️🏔 Dangerous ascent and an unpredictable glacier – the Manaslu expedition by Marc Grün

23. October 2023

We have already reported several times on the phenomenal undertaking of extreme mountaineer Marc and accompanied the 45-year-old on the journey of a lifetime.

“The expedition got off to a sensational start: the jeep ride, trekking up to the mountain, and the team arriving on time and healthy.”

Over two weeks, the group, consisting of 30 Sherpas (mountain guides) yak guides, kitchen helpers, cook and 5 climbers, set up the three high altitude camps at 5,800, 6,300 and 6,800 meters. The regular ascent and descent allowed climbers and Sherpas to acclimatize optimally.

“Usually the mountain decides, this time I had to consciously make the decision selsbt.”

The actual ascent to the summit is only a fraction of the expedition, a day on which everything must fit: Weather, physical condition – in short, all the general conditions. The ascent to the summit always takes place in teams of 2. After Marc and his Sherpa Norbu reached the third base camp and rested for a few hours, they left at 6 pm on the evening of September 27 towards the summit.

But already when we set out, a storm was raging that made all the other climbers from the group turn back after a few hours. Only Marc and his Sherpa, have continued to fight towards the summit… Why Marc could not conquer the “mountain of the soul” – but became a hero, you will learn at the end of the week!

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