Water saving for wet separatorsđź’¦

11. August 2023

What is a wet separator?đź’­
In industrial extraction technology, a wet separator is a filter system that uses water as a filter medium to remove dust and chips from the hall air. The devices are particularly suitable for processes with flying sparks and for filtering combustible, explosive or sticky dust.

Less water consumption đź’¦
As a developer and manufacturer of extraction systems, we strive for constant optimization in design, efficiency and sustainability. And this is where our construction manager Sebastian Moll delivered across the board. The innovative flow technology not only saves 30% energy and 20% water, but has also made it possible to increase suction power by 50%!

Saving resources not only protects our customers’ wallets, but for us is the basis of future-proof mechanical engineering.

For which areas of application are wet separators suitable?
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