Retrofitting vs. buying new extraction systems

13. April 2023

Von Retrofit und Retrofitting spricht man, wenn ältere Maschinen oder bestehende Anlagen umgebaut oder nachgerüstet werden. This brings them up to date with the latest technology and can be a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to buying new plants.

Reasons & Goals
💡 Energy saving
💡 Increase efficiency
💡 Higher production volume
💡 Automation – Industry 4.0
💡 New production conditions
💡 Meet legal requirements

Thanks to our many years of know-how in extraction technology, we also maintain and retrofit extraction systems from other manufacturers in a sensible manner.

“Especially in the areas of acquisition, control and pipe systems, there is often great potential for optimizing and saving your operating costs.” Martin Prokisch, Technical Manager at ABSAUGWERK.

New brooms sweep well, but before investing in new machines, it should be checked whether it makes more sense to convert/retrofit the existing systems.

Let us advise you without obligation on the subject of retrofitting vs. buying a new extraction system!

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