Filter tower for welding fumes

Filter towers are central exhaust systems for welding fume extraction, which are placed freely in the hall without a pipe system. They are characterized by their high extraction power and quick start-up through plug & play. The warm welding fume rises to the hall ceiling due to its thermal properties and is collected at the top of the filter tower by an intake grille. The air containing fume passes through several filter stages and is returned to the hall at floor level, cleaned and free of drafts.


When are filter towers for welding fumes used?

  • For welding processes where spot extraction is not sufficient or practical
  • In case of high smoke emission
  • For large workpieces
  • Compliance with dust limits and occupational health and safety regulations according toTRGS 528 andArbStättV § 3a
  • Simultaneous welding at several workstations
  • General improvement of indoor air quality

Welding fumes, soldering fumes
Dust, fine dust


Welding, soldering
Grinding, polishing

Proven layered ventilation principle

The stratified ventilation principle is a proven technique for filter towers and is recommended by the IFA. In this process, the contaminated air is extracted near the hall ceiling, cleaned in a filter tower and fed back into the hall near the floor without drafts. The clean air layer on the floor and the warm air containing welding fumes on the hall ceiling mix automatically due to air currents as well as the thermals of the rising welding fumes.

Filter tower advantages

Plug & Play
No pipe system
Up to 70% less
heating costs
extraction power
filter service life
air recirculation

Filter Tower R Series

We develop economical and energy-saving extraction systems using state-of-the-art technology. R Series filter towers are equipped with long-life filter components, are energy efficient and can achieve heating cost savings of up to 70%.

Filter tower plug & play