Captured media can be extracted directly via a pipe system or disposed of via a discharge system. In order to ensure trouble-free operation, we always pay attention to the suitable discharge system when planning the unit, taking into account the material behavior.

Types of discharge


Dust collection buckets are available with 15 L or 30 L capacity and a lid for safe, dust-free disposal.


With a drawer discharge, the unit can be built compactly. It is optimally suited for small discharge quantities.

Container (dry)

Containers with larger capacity are available in different designs with insertion bags, forklift lugs or tipping device.

Sludge container

When dust and chips are filtered with a wet separator. wet separator, sludge is produced as a discharge The innovative design of our vessels separates the water from the sludge, thus reducing water and disposal costs. The cleaned air can then be fed back into the production room or outside. For explosive media, special ATEX components are required to ensure safe operation.


  • Simple and fast disposal

  • Innovative design separates discharge from water

  • Explosion protection due to diffusive cover

  • Water savings up to 5,200 L/year

  • Lower disposal costs

  • Energy-saving and environmentally friendly

  • Mobile and stationary

Tank sizes: S, M, L, XL
Water capacity: up to 220 L
Capacity insert sieve: up to 55 L

Structure of the deduster

Water recovery:
Less water, less cost,
more environmental protection.

The innovative design of our tanks separates the water from the sludge and returns it to the wet separator. This reduces water and disposal costs many times over and protects the environment.

Lots of material?

Containers are mostly used in conjunction with automatic discharge systems for very large discharge quantities. Special designs with oil strainer or tipping device etc. are possible.

Automatic discharge

In the case of large quantities of material, it may be necessary to discharge at a scheduled time (interval or permanently) and in a quantity-dependent manner. This is provided by automatic discharge systems such as

  • Rotary valves
  • Double pendulum valves
  • Screw conveyors
  • Pneumatic conveying systems
  • Discharge gate valves
  • Butterfly valve
  • and much more

Individual discharge

In addition to the standard designs, we also offer special designs for pre-separators such as zigzag pre-separators or non-return valves. Let us advise you on your suitable discharge system!