To wash out the dust and chips bound in the filter safely and cleanly, we have designed a convenient solution, the Cleanbox.

Cleaning for metal mesh filters

The service life of metal mesh filters can be significantly increased and operating costs reduced by regular cleaning with a conventional high-pressure cleaner. Our cleaning station Cleanbox was specially developed for this purpose.


  • Splash protection for employees and production

  • Safe disposal of the bound substances

  • For metal mesh filters of all manufacturers

  • Lockable tension locks for optimum hold

  • Compact, mobile & completely dismountable

Knitted metal filters are used in wet separators to separate the swirled water droplets and water mist. Water consumption and humidity in the production facility are thus kept to a minimum.

The filters are clamped in place via lockable tension locks, cleaned and can dry on the grid. The removable rear and side walls prevent splashing water during cleaning and keep employees and the production facility clean and dry.

Technical data

  • Floor space (WxHxD): 1,420 x 800 x 450 mm
  • Completely dismountable to (WxHxD): 1.500 x 300 x 500 mm
  • Suitable for all metal mesh filters up to 1.200 x 500 mm
  • Water capacity: 25 L
  • Water drainage nozzle DN20
  • All parts in contact with water made of stainless-steel