For the long-range collection of gases, fumes, vapors or dusts, extraction hoods can be used flexibly directly at or above the workplace. In a cabin, the contaminated air is extracted in an even more concentrated manner.


Upper hoods

Upper hoods are used for rising media with small particles such as smoke. They are available in different sizes, mounting systems and accessories such as lamellas or spark pre-separators.

Side hoods

Side hoods are available as standard rectangular hoods and can be supplied open or with various protective or baffle plates.


Under hoods

Under hoods are used on grinding or sawing machines when media such as chips or dust drop to the bottom and need to be extracted.

Numerous sizes,
individual configuration

Our extraction hoods are available in different designs: individually or as a complete system with pipe system. We will find the right solution for your application.

Let us advise you individually.