Our fitters, they are real artists…

03. August 2023

Last week our Mike exchanged his sales shirt for an assembly polo and was on tour in North Rhine-Westphalia together with Christopher. At our customer’s site, two dedusters with rotary valve and Big Pack discharge, a soundproof cabin, three extraction tables and the complete pipe system were installed. On ladder and lifting platform, Mike declared war on his fear of heights and confidently bolted the required cyclone pre-separator at lofty heights.

»What I took away from the installation above all was how important it is to have precise and detailed consultation with the customer, to ensure that the plans and parts are correct on site and that no time is lost. The colleagues on assembly have my full respect for their knowledge and improvisational talent, they are real artists!«,Mike tells of his mission.

What was our sales manager Tobias thinking?

»For me, it is particularly important that everyone in my team has the experience of assembly and gets to know the problems on site. This change of perspective makes you aware of how indispensable clean preparatory work is. Because our omissions in sales, have to be made up for by the fitters on site and the quality of our overall performance could suffer as a result.«

For our assembly team we are looking for additional WERKER, mainly in the DACH area and the Netherlands.

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