Have you ever wondered how dust is created in a foundry? 🤔

15. September 2023

It may seem unusual at first glance, but when the finished metal parts are released from the molds, quartz sand is released because the molds are made of pressed sand. The coarse particles settle on floors and machinery, while the invisible fine dusts float in the air.

Our solution 💡, the dust extractor P 4000 series, with 11 kW and an air volume of 15,000 m³/h, has 6 cartridge filters with special nano-coating and a filter surface of 150 m². In addition, a HEPA fine dust filter is integrated. The rotary valve with big pack discharge and level monitoring as well as the soundproof work cabin with extraction hoods round off the system.

👉 To the deduster series

With one liter of dust per shift, it would be difficult for the workforce to empty smaller standard discharges such as buckets or containers. To solve this problem, we decided on a continuous discharge: a rotary valve with big pack discharge. Thanks to the convenient level monitoring, employees are alerted in good time when the Big Pack needs to be replaced.

What do you think of the color combination of anthracite and red highlights?
Our customer chose basalt gray and signal red🔺.

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