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17. October 2023

Production halls rarely have a pleasant climate like the fresh air. Various industrial processes produce dust and welding fumes that must be extracted and filtered to protect the workforce and comply with occupational safety regulations.

This can either be done via direct extraction at the point of origin, for example. can be implemented using an extraction arm or as a central hall extraction system with a fixed pipe system. This has the advantage that the indoor air quality is constantly high and the hall can be constantly air-conditioned.

Depending on the process and the level of pollutants in the air, there are different techniques for hall extraction, such as the push-pull principle.

The cleaned air is introduced via long-distance nozzles on the hall ceiling (push), extracted on the opposite side (pull) and filtered in an extraction system. Mixing of the hall air occurs primarily in the upper third of the hall, where the warm air and polluted air collects

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