Foggy production hall?

16. March 2023

The use of coolants and lubricants in industrial processes such as turning, milling or machining creates a fine mist of emulsion, steam or oil mist. These emissions are hazardous to the health of the workforce and are deposited as a fine film on floors, walls, machines and tools. In order to comply with occupational health and safety regulations, the polluted air must be filtered in an extraction system, a so-called oil mist separator.


Why should I use an oil mist separator?

  • Occupational safety and legal regulations
  • Environmental protection & air pollution control
  • well-being of employees
  • accident protection
  • Protect machinery and tools
  • Clean production hall
  • Minimize cleaning effort
  • Ensure the purity of the end product


Our oil mist separators can be configured individually and are used in a wide variety of industrial sectors:

Metal processing, plastic, food, pharmaceuticals, automotive, extrusion, cable production and much more.


Let us advise you without obligation and find out more about our oil mist separator product series

Because your employees should only have problems with fog on the dance floor of your next company party… 😉