We carry responsibility

As a manufacturing company for a wide range of industrial sectors, we bear responsibility for the quality of our products and processes as well as for the preservation of our environment and resources. The health of our employees, but also of our customers’ employees, is particularly important to us. Clean air in production halls prevents illness and makes workplaces safer. In addition, machinery, tools and workpieces are protected and their service life is significantly extended.

Healthy environment,
healthy people.

service life

Energy efficient
filtration systems.

extraction solutions.

Our corporate activities are based on ecological, social and economic responsibility. Every ABSAUGWERK employee sees himself as part of a solidary society and a healthy environment.

For you. Us. Tomorrow.

Together over 200 years of experience …

Each of our employees is a professional in his field and sees himself as part of the whole. Together, we have over 200 years of experience in extraction technology. The high quality of the individual services is reflected in our efficient, durable and robust extraction systems. The individual components are carefully selected and leave our WERK only after a strict testing procedure.

In our in-house development department, we work closely with our customers to create individual extraction systems tailored to the specific application. From the collection to the flow technology to the control programming (SIEMENS LOGO!) and the suitable discharge system, everything comes from one source. Through continuous training and optimization of our systems, we use the latest technologies and thus always advance in the market. We have great respect for the end products of our customers and are allowed to contribute to your perfect workpiece with our systems.

Where the standard ends, we only begin

We develop economical and energy-saving state-of-the-art extraction systems for a green industry of today and tomorrow.

The flexibility of our units allows us to configure customized extraction systems for almost any application, thus ensuring a positive energy balance. In contrast to standard systems, ABSAUGWERK extraction systems only consume the amount of energy, air and water that is actually needed. Furthermore, the cleaned, still warm air can be returned to the hall through the recirculation operation. This reduces energy costs enormously, especially in winter. With our regional partners we save long distances and at the same time ensure constant quality.

In order to live up to our high quality standards, we also maintain a quality management system that is firmly anchored in all areas of our company. The continuous further development of our products and services forms the basis of our corporate orientation, which, like our Values is reflected in the entire WERK. The satisfaction and trust of our customers are our top priority and form the basis for long-lasting and healthy partnerships.


We are proud of the quality of our handmade products »MADE IN NEU-ULM« and take full responsibility for their performance and efficiency. To meet our own standards, we operate the complete service chain ourselves. We support you from the first consultation to planning, installation, commissioning and after-sales service!