🔌 Tom Turbo: Our WERKER on Tour!

05. October 2023

Since April, our service electrician Tom has been on the road for us, servicing and commissioning extraction systems in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. 🌍⚡ 🌍⚡

Why did Tom choose the path as WERKER?
»ABSAUGWERK already made a cool impression online, you could see right away that the atmosphere is very personal and relaxed. I had already gained experience in the production of extraction systems during my apprenticeship and was eager to get out there. At ABSAUGWERK, I now have the opportunity to alternate between being outside with the customer and advancing my programming work in the office.« 🛠️

What does Tom like about his job?
»I see different companies, their productions with large machine parks and get to know new people. The tasks are always different and when I’ve installed or programmed something, I’m happy afterwards to see that it works.« 🙌

After work, Tom is out and about at soccer, the fire department, or the Gerlenhofen bowling club. Tom has integrated into our team like a turbo, as if he had never been anywhere else. Glad you’re a WERKER now, Tom! 🤝

This is what Tom values: trust, honesty and respect. 👏